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Dr. Giovanni Di Giacomo MD

Scientific Manager

Specializing in shoulder surgery (treatment of instability, prosthetic and prosthetic review, humerus, clavicle and scapula traumatology, rotator cuff disorders, athlete’s shoulder), Arthroscopic Knee Surgery (meniscal pathology and anterior cruciate ligament), Prosthetic Surgery and Arthroscopic Elbow Surgery. SIAGASCOT President.

Dr. Elena Silvestri

Educational Manager

Upper Limb Manager and Chief Scientific Officer at Physio Point Group
Co-Founder and Education Director Shoulder Academy. Master Lecturer in Hand and Upper Limb Rehabilitation at Agostino Gemelli Catholic University. Master Teacher of Shoulder Rehabilitation at UNICAMILLUS University. Membro del Comitato Riabilitativo SIAGASCOT. Regional SICSeG manager for Lazio.

Dr. Filippo Parisi

General Manager

CEO Fisio Point – FisioPalestra, co-founder of Shoulder Academy.
MBA – Master’s in Business Administration
Athletic trainer, physiotherapist, posturologist and hydrokinesiologist
Specializing in the organization and management of health facilities – polyclinics – physiotherapy centers.

Dr. Marco Macrì

Nutritionist Biologist and Doctor in Sport Science, specializing in reathletization, athletic preparation and human nutrition.
Member of Fisio Point management and Head of Adapted Physical Activity, Reathletization and Nutrition.
Athletic trainer of the referees of Serie A football, responsible for the National Athletic Pole of Rome 2..

Chiara Gallo

Sports Physiotherapist Specialist in the post-surgical recovery and conservative treatment of shoulder injuries from injury to recovery of specific sport movement.

Alessio Fioretti

Physiotherapist specializing in the treatment of conservative and surgical shoulder pathologies and in postural rehabilitation according to the Mézières method.

Flavia Savarese

Physiotherapist specializing in conservative and post-surgical shoulder treatment and the treatment of postural rehabilitation according to the Mézières method.

Enrico Tonozzi

Specializing in the conservative and post-surgical treatment of shoulder and upper limb pathologies. A former professional athlete, he took this path due to severe shoulder injuries.

Paolo Benestante

Clinical Kinesiologist, specializing in the recovery of sports performance after injury and in specific sport reconditioning. FIPE Technician.

Antonio Dettori

Clinical Kinesiologist, specializing in post-injury recovery and specific sports reathletization. Bachelor’s degree in Sport Science, FIPE technician.