Intensive Week End

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Do you have a physical therapy center?

With the Intensive Weekend you have the opportunity to host the Shoulder Academy in your rehabilitation center.
The Intensive Weekend provides 16 hours of intensive training with the purpose of making an overview of the approach to the shoulder joint by touching on the pivotal topics of specific rehabilitation treatment.

  • The training, supervised by Dr. Di Giacomo’s team, will take place over a weekend and will cover the following topics:
    – Anatomy and functional biomechanics
    -The glenohumeral and scapulothoracic: from physiologic anatomic relationships to possible pathologic conditions
    – The concept of glenohumeral rhythm/thoracic shoulder pad
    – When rhythm is altered: scapulothoracic dyskinesias, evaluation and treatment
    – How to set up shoulder patient assessment: Proms test and vademecum to follow
    – Adhesive capsulitis: pathophysiology and diagnostic framing
    – Evidence-based assessment and treatment of the patient with adhesive capsulitis
    – Ligamentous laxity and glenohumeral instability: the pathological patterns to know and know how to treat
    – Traumatic anterior inferior dislocation: when the patient becomes surgical
    – The rotator cuff: recognizing and managing a tendinopathy
    – When tendinopathy becomes surgical: management and rehabilitation strategy

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