Dubai Shoulder Course 2022

Dubai Shoulder Course

Shoulder Academy

The Shoulder Academy is a collaborative effort of a team of surgery and shoulder rehabilitation specialists with over ten years of experience.

The aim of our approach is to ensure the most effective integrated treatment for obtaining the best possible results for a patient’s functional recovery.

Thanks to a continuing exchange of knowledge and expertise with the best teams on the international scene, today we are able to offer a highly specialized course that will provide skilled professionals with the best evaluation and treatment tools available for the rehabilitation of their patients.

Dubai Shoulder Academy Course

Welcome to the Dubai Shoulder Academy Course, which is dedicated to physiotherapists and open to anyone and everyone – orthopaedic surgeons, residents, fellows – with specific professional interest in the shoulder.

This one-day course will help you develop a comprehensive approach to shoulder pathology management and rehabilitation through a combination of lectures, presentation of challenging cases, and hands-on practice.

Course Objectives

 Screening of patients displaying symptoms of shoulder girdle problems and other shoulder pathologies.

 Provision of an overview of common shoulder conditions using combinations of clinical examination and imaging techniques.

 Application of evidence-based surgical and non-surgical management, including specific physiotherapy treatments and rehabilitation for common shoulder conditions.

 Understanding of common surgical procedures as they relate to postoperative protocols, and application of appropriate postoperative rehabilitation strategies compatible with these procedures.

  •  Understanding the Shoulder: Anatomy and Biomechanics Module
  •  Shoulder Assessment and Rehab Strategies
  •  Rotator Cuff Tears and Tendinopathy
  •  Frozen Shoulder 
  •  Shoulder Instability 
  •  Surgical tecniques
  •  Return to play management
  •  Challenging Cases

Join Us

  •   Become a clinician specialized in shoulder treatments with the know-how to set up an assessment and management of your shoulder patients with expertise and professionalism
  •   Gain an in-depth knowledge of the biomechanics behind shoulder movements 
  •  Acquire detailed information on specific rehabilitation paths
  •   Receive the guidance and support of Dr. Di Giacomo’s team
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La Spalla nel Windsurf


Sono tantissimi gli appassionati di windsurf, anche principianti, attirati dal fascino di correre sulle onde. Si pensa che sia uno sport alla portata di tutti, anche per chi non ha mai messo piede in palestra, ma non è proprio così. Servono un fisico all’altezza e una buona preparazione fisica…

Approfondiremo l’argomento con RAIMONDO GASPERINI Professional Windsurfer e Waterman, il Dr. G. Di Giacomo e F. Parisi →

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Dalla protesica all’instabilità di spalla

Dalla protesica all’instabilità di spalla

sabato 23 novembre 2019


Via Filippo Turati, 16 – ROMA

Evento GRATUITO per i soci AIFI


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Fisioforum – Specialty Day

Roma, 27 ottobre 2019
Hotel Barcelò Aran Mantegna

Scarica il volantino

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Arthromeeting 2019


Imaging e clinica delle instabilità articolari

Roma, 28 settembre 2019

Auditorium Seraficum

Scarica il programma

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