4° Advanced Training Course

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The 4° Advanced Training Course

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Educational program of 4° SHOULDER ACADEMY COURSE

Modules and Topics

  • 1 weekend a month totaling 80 hours
  • In-person and practical classes in the classroom and in the pool
  • Instrumental clinical approach to the patient
  • Clinical case studies
  • Live Surgery at Concordia Hospital with Dr. Giovanni Di Giacomo

Learning Objectives

Tools will be provided in each module for the evaluation and treatment of the various shoulder pathologies, with the support of Dr. Giovanni Di Giacomo and his surgical and rehabilitation team.

The objective of the course is to provide the necessary tools for correct rehabilitative treatment of the shoulder, starting from an understanding of biomechanics to the post-surgical approach, through the acquisition of dry and in water motor reeducation techniques, in such a way as to ensure the physiotherapist has a wide and ultra-specific range of rehabilitation options.

Mod. 1 – 12/13 March ’22

  • Introduction to the clinical examination of the shoulder
  • Study of scapulothoracic and glenohumeral Anatomy and Biomechanics
  • Integrated functional shoulder assessment
  • Scapolothoracic dyskinesis
  • Diagnosis, classification and rehabilitative treatment of dyskinesis

Mod. 2 – 2/3 April ’22

  • Adhesive capsulitis: Clinical diagnosis, classification and rehabilitative treatment
  • Hydrokinesitherapy: Understanding water as a therapeutic tool
  • When to use hydrokinesis in a conservative and post-surgical patient, how to do it
  • Practical exercise in the pool

Mod. 3 – 23/24 April ’22

  • Cuff injuries: diagnostic setting, surgical treatment and therapeutic exercise.
  • Tendinopathies: introduction, evaluation, imaging and reactivation

Mod. 4 – 14/15 May ’22

  • Glenohumeral arthrosis, diagnostic context and conservative treatment
  • Surgical treatment of arthrosis, from anatomical prosthesis to reverse prosthesis
  • Fractures of the proximal third humerus. Diagnosis, treatment, conservative and post-surgical approach
  • The synthesis means used, from the choice to the post-surgical outcome

Mod. 5 – 11/12 June ’22

  • Anterior-inferior shoulder instability
  • Diagnosis and classification of glenohumeral instability
  • Instability assessment tests and choice of surgical options
  • Rehabilitative treatment of shoulder instability, from the conservative approach to the post-surgical arthroscopic and Latarjet technique


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